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“We’re about long term relationships, and getting the job
completed correctly in a timely manner.” 

D&R Electrical Services performs electrical construction services for many different types of commercial environments.

15_DR ConTen1 23To list a few:

  • Strip Malls
  • Landlords Core 
  • Tenant Build Out
  • Vanilla Box
  • Restaurants
  • Office Environments
  • Office Warehouse Spaces 


We know the number one goal is to complete the project on time.  D&R Electrical Services are committed to your time frame.  We arrive every day on time and do not leave the site until a full day’s work has been accomplished.

The electricians who are sent to your project will be competent, permanent employees with good communication skills. They’ll work at least an 8 hour day including Fridays and day before a holiday.

D&R Electrical Services are about long term, ongoing relationships. Together we can get the job done and move on to the next one.

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