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Searching for an electrician in Cape Coral? Call D&R Electrical Services at 239-541-2015 and ask for a free quote for your electrical projects. We service both residential and commercial clients, and guarantee all of our work.

Hiring an electrician

Ask about education: A reputable company will require staff to attend monthly training courses and be up-to-date on the National Electrical Code, which is amended every three years.

Don’t forget permits: A permit is usually required in most counties and from the power company any time you’re replacing a home’s main electrical equipment or doing a significant amount of rewiring. The cost of the permit is often included in your electrician’s bill, but be sure to ask. With the permit comes an inspection to ensure the work meets code.

Always check licensing: If your state requires electricians to be licensed, check that the license is current. Poor wire connections, overloaded circuits, improper grounding and broken safety elements on an electrical panel are just a few of the problems that can arise from bad workmanship.To check the licensing for an electrician, refer to the Angie’s List License Check tool.

Have one handy: Most homeowners call electricians in an emergency or if they’re building or remodeling, so it’s important to research a contractor and find a skilled electrician before you need one.

(read the full article on hiring an electrician over at Angie’s List –

D & R Electrical Services is proud of its reputation of being one of the finest electricians Cape Coral has to offer!

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