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“We can enhance your home’s best features with the proper designed lighting.”

As a piece of fine art is to a blank wall or as beautiful furniture is to an empty room, lighting can deeply enhance the look of any area including your entire home.

The use of cabinet lighting under as well as cabinet lighting over the cabinets in your kitchen will add beauty and a feeling of luxury.  Using pendant lighting not only supplies useful light, but is also very decorative. Your kitchen is the one room in the house where friends and guests gather intuitively.

Whether your décor is contemporary or traditional, Floridian/tropical or European, good lighting can accentuate its features. D&R can create dramatic effects, soothing moods, or a bright feeling of openness.

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RECESSED LIGHTING – Can be focused to highlight artwork, provide a warm inviting glow, or create a bright spacious effect. CABINET, UNDER & OVER LIGHTING – Great in the gathering room, excellent task illumination & adds beauty, indirect light adds luxury.

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PENDANT LIGHTING – Over bar top or center island. Adds very decorative, café style effect, room division & supplying useful light. ARTWORK – Blends into a room or can be brought to life with light, custom lighting controls mood & tone of entire home as well as your art collection.

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